All patients in the OXYMED Center for whom the HBOT is indicated, will undergo a medical consultation and a thorough examination by the supervising doctor of the hyperbaric chamber before the first entry into the chamber. The doctor will subsequently recommend the number of exposures according to the current health condition of the patient.

For the medical examination prior to the HBOT, we recommended patients to bring along with them:

  • Internist examination in adults and paediatric examination in children (not older than 1 month)
  • For smokers and patients after a chest trauma – X-ray image + description no older than 1 year
  • ENT examination (tympanography) for the future exposure in the hyperbaric chamber 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a part of a comprehensive and continuous treatment process, not a curative method isolated from other therapies. It is a method of treatment in which the patient breathes pure medical oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber at a pressure greater than 1 bar, in the range of 0.2-0.3 MPa, and the duration between 60 and 120 minutes.


Course of the exposure

Before starting the exposure, each patient completes an entrance examination with the doctor of the hyperbaric center. During the therapy, the patients breathe pure medical oxygen with the help of a face mask or certified helmet under an increased pressure of 2.2 ATA. The exposure lasts 75 minutes. The whole course of therapy is continuously monitored by medical staff (doctors and nurses) and certified hyperbaric chamber operators who monitor and control the safety of patients. They are ready to respond to their needs and intervene in case of unexpected circumstances at any time.

Comfortable chairs are placed in the chamber for the maximum comfort of the patients. The modern chamber of the OXYMED center allows patients to watch movies on special screens or listen to music while being seated.


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