is the only center in Slovakia which opens its gates to athletes and sportsmen who want to do something extraordinary for their bodies and offers a special programme OxySport designed by doctors and physicians.

Oxymed is involved in the preparation of athletes:

– Paralympic table tennis players

Martin Ludrovský (PG London 2012 – 1st place in Teams), Rastislav Revúcky (PG Beijing 2008 – 1st place in Teams, PG London 2012 – 1st place in Teams), Andrej Meszaros, Peter Mihalik

Jan Riapoš (PG Athens 2004 – 1st place in Individuals, PG Beijing 2008 – 1st place in Teams, PG London 2012 – 1st place in Teams, PH London 2012 – 1st place, Individuals)

– Motorcycle racer and bodybuilder

Ivan Jakes

“I have undergone the recommended number of exposures at the Oxymed Center, allowing me to increase my performance during the sport activities and decrease the oxygen debt at the same time.”

Richard Riedl

“After undertaking the exposures of breathing the oxygen under increased pressure in the Oxymed Center, there was substantially less lactic acid leached into the muscles during the exercise, which has subsequently manifested in a reduction of the muscle strain after a sport performance.”

During the sport performance, training or an actual race, the oxygen requirements increase. Oxygen plays an important role in the production of energy in the body. During sports activities, however, the oxygen consumption can increase several times. Body is unable to store the oxygen, nor it is able produce it, but it still requires continuous oxygen supply. Breathing pure oxygen under increased pressure gets you in shape faster after sport injuries, as it accelerates healing and is excellent for muscle regeneration after an intense physical performance. Athletes, who have undergone this treatment method, have demonstrated there is shorter recovery time and faster healing of injuries of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and tissues.

Effects of the OxySport programme for athletes

  • Significant improvement in blood flow to the damaged tissue and subsequent acceleration of the wound healing process
  • Reduction of tissue swelling
  • Accelerating recovery from injuries of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and tissues
  • Removal of the fatigue lactic acid
  • Regeneration of the body after an intense athletic performance
  • Improvement of mental concentration

The programme is designed as combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and complementary therapies (massages, manual therapies, rehabilitation exercises, and others) that are combined specifically for athletes’ needs. For professional athletes, an injury often means a retirement from career. Reconvalescence from sports injuries through application of traditional therapies can take several months.

Sport and hyperbaric physicians included hyperbaric oxygen therapy in order to accelerate the healing of injuries, so that the players could get back in the game as soon as possible.

This method is used world-wide by professional players from different areas of sport

(Tiger Woods, James Harrison, Ian Lapierriere, Darren Sharper, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps).

Tiger Woods

“The hyperbaric chamber played an important role during my reconvalescence. I had a plasma treatment on the damaged left knee ligaments and then used the effects of hyperbaric chamber to speed up the healing.”

James Harrison

“My body earns me money. The sessions in a hyperbaric chamber help me to get in shape between the games, and my body thus becomes impenetrable armour.”

Wayne Rooney

English football striker, Premier League and Manchester United club player Wayne Rooney used the hyperbaric chamber to accelerate the healing of broken leg prior to the World Cup.


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