Neurological Motor Disorders

Patients with cerebral palsy, craniocerebral injuries, traumatic brain injury, or after a stroke can resort to hyperbaric oxygenation as an additional treatment to the renowned space medicine therapy.


During the sport performance, training or an actual race, the oxygen requirements increase. Oxygen plays an important role in the production of energy in the body. During sports activities, however, the oxygen consumption can increase several times.


The application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after a stroke can improve oxygen supply to the affected area of ​​the brain and thus prevent further damage and reverse the death of brain cells.

Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Due to the therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO), the number of amputations is significantly decreasing. HBO has a positive effect on the disease on many levels.


Tinnitus caused by insufficient blood circulation in the inner ear and insufficient oxygenation can be effectively treated with a therapy in the hyperbaric chamber.

Parkinson’s Disease

Under construction…

Other indications

The list of indications is a pan-European consensus, which is verified and supported by scientific evidence and has been approved by EUBS (European Underwater and Baromedical Society) and ECHM (European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine)



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