In medicine, the hyperbaric oxygenation is performed in a hyperbaric chamber. It is a pressure vessel, usually of cylindrical shape, adapted to accommodate one or more persons under the conditions of increased pressure. There are several types of hyperbaric chambers.

According to Size

  • monoplace – for single person, chamber directly pressurized with 100% oxygen
  • multiplace – for several people at one time, 100% oxygen is delivered through a face mask or oxygen helmet

This is the safest way of breathing the oxygen and it is used by the Oxymed Center as well.

According to Purpose

  • Diving
  • Experimental – developed for research 
  • Therapeutic


works with the latest, state-of the-art, 14-seat chamber HAUX STARMED 2200/5,5/XL. The Haux company is one of the leading manufacturers of pressure chambers in Europe. The main compartment has 12 seats, while 2 seats are part of the antechamber, which serves as the entrance and exit of the medical personnel during the exposure, if necessary.

Clients can watch a movie or listen to music in comfortable chairs. They breathe pure oxygen through a face mask or certified helmet under the pressure of 1.2 bar. The computer-controlled system is able to operate even in the event of a power failure. Health and safety of our clients are of the utmost important for us. The entire treatment is attended to by a team of doctors, nurses and is continually monitored.


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