Laznová Ester

Ester is a beautiful smiling girl, whom destiny played badly with. The dream vacation with her ​​parents in Egypt was cut short by an accident that changed Esther’s life. She was hit and knocked out on the pavement by a distracted taxi driver. She was immediately transferred to Brno, where she has fallen into a coma for four months. Subsequently, the doctors indicated treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. After completing twenty-two hyperbaric oxygen exposures, Ester woke up. At first, she only recognized her mother, but she did not talk or eat. Long stays in rehabilitation centers followed, where she learned everything from the scratch again. After two years of intense exercise and repeated stays in spas, Ester returned back to school through her diligence and strength.  Her parents read in the newspaper about the unique treatment offered at the ADELI Medical Center, which encompasses the hyperbaric center Oxymed. Already after the first exposures, Ester put down her glasses without which she previously could not live. She began to speak more smoothly and her mental concentration increased. After the combination of intensive rehabilitation in the ADELI suit and the therapy in the hyperbaric chamber, not only her stability of body improved, but Ester made her first steps.

“At first, Ester was little afraid of the hyperbaric chamber, but the wonderful approach of the staff helped her overcome all fear. Therefore, we are very, very, very thankful for your willingness and patience! “

Laznova Ester

13 years, Czech Republic

Agnese Domenichini

This is the first time Agnes is doing the therapy in the hyperbaric chamber as part of her ADELI treatment programme and I must say that we find it amazing. We have been surrounded with professionalism, courtesy, kindness and attention to the problems of the patients.

Thank you all.

Cindy Schaffer

The therapy in the HBO chamber greatly helps our daughter Cindy. This is the second time she is undergoing this treatment. She spoke out new words in the hyperbaric chamber that she had never said before. We see a considerable progress.

We made a decision that whenever we go to the ADELI Center, we will definitely attend the sessions in the HBO chamber.

It is most important to Cindy’s health.

Thanks to the whole team and we look forward to the next meeting.

Family Schaffer

Miška Krišková

HBO therapy is a great aid for Mishka. Gradually, she is “waking up” after more than eight years of sleeping in a coma. Although our steps forward are tiny, we are still making a progress and that pleases us very much. The most beautiful thing is the fact that even Mishka is happy and she can even keep her head up and slowly begins to control her body.

Thank you for your kind and devoted approach and we look forward to another stay.

Family Kriskova

Dominik Ball

During this stay, Dominik was in the pressure chamber for the third time. It worked great just like every other time. We hope to notice the impact this therapy brings at home again. After the last visit, the therapy has improved the responsiveness and attention, so we hope this time for further positive changes.

Andrew, Martina and Dominik Ball

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