ADELI Medical Center

ADELI Medical Center is an international rehabilitation center with the most intensive and highly individual treatment and care. This concept, together with the applications from space medicine and other areas, guarantees the maximum degree of success in treatment of each patient.


APPA – Association of assistance for the disabled ADELI

Health is the most valuable thing we have. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious. One can be born disabled, but a healthy person can – in a blink of an eye – also find himself in a situation, where he needs help of the others.  APPA – Association of assistance for the disabled ADELI is here for all the disabled people, and especially for the physically disabled who need help. Our main task is to help provide funds for rehabilitation treatment in ADELI Medical Center.

SPA Piestany

Natural healing sources – thermal mineral water and unique healing sulphuric mud – were the cornerstones for establishment of the Piešťany Spa. They reached world fame thanks to their modern methods of treating rheumatism and other musculoskeletal diseases, but also because of their beautiful spa parks, rich cultural and social life, and a wide range of sports and active relaxation.

City of Piestany

Piestany is a spa town in Slovakia, site of the county and a residence to many scientific institutions. It is an international center for treatment of rheumatic diseases and a major regional center of culture, education, sports and recreation. The economy of the city is dependent on medical care, tourism, electro-technical, engineering and food industries. River Vah runs through the city. It has a warm and dry climate of a low-land.


Civic Association “Malicek” (Pinky)

Civic Association “Malicek” (Pinky) supports families with babies that were born prematurely. It provides them with information, advice and support in various forms during the difficult life situations. The association also cooperates with experts from neonatology, psychology, paediatric neurology, paediatrics and other medical professions.

The patron of the civic association Malicek is Slovak actress and “soap opera paediatrician” Zdena Studenková.

The Slovak Paralympic Committee (SPC)

Slovak Paralympic Committee (SPC) was founded on 31 January 1995. SPC is an approved member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which is made up of 161 member states of the world, and the European Paralympic Committee (EPC), which has 52 members. SPC is an autonomous, independent, non-political organization and is entitled to organize Paralympic events and manage the Paralympic movement in Slovakia. SPC supports development of Paralympic sports and disciplines providing the choice of sports according to disabilities and abilities of athletes.

Diabetes (non-investment fund)

It is an association of financial funds that aims to fulfil goals that are beneficial to the general public in the field of health protection and prevention, education, research and development, with a particular focus on: contributions to purchasing of medical devices, diagnostic tools, equipment and materials related to the protection and promotion of health and education, support of research and development of new medical devices, diagnostic tools, equipment and materials, financial support for various forms of education, purchase of literature and support of exchange and therapy visits.

Under the auspices of the Polymer Institute of the Slovakian Academy of Sciences.


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